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Become spassionaute and get involved to promote the quality of the living environment!

The CAUE network offers to the actors of the living environment a collaborative platform which offers the means to pool their resources, their comments, their tools through new and fruitful collaborations at the service of the territories. We support you in the implementation of your working group. Together we define the objectives, the method of animation, those involved in your project, the degree of participation of the public, the productions to share...

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S - PASS territories is open to all the actors of the living environment:

  • Commons,
  • the intercommunalités (communities of Communes, agglomeration communities, urban communities),
  • the CAUE (branch, Chair, Board of Directors, architects-advice, service support, missions, administrative, outside advisors, production teams)
  • associations (historical circles, neighborhood committees, local associations),
  • engineering public partners (regional parks, national parks, planning agencies, SIVU, SIVOM, mixed unions, EPIC,...),
  • professional representative (architects, planners, landscapers, surveyors, notaries, federations and trade unions),
  • professionals (architects, planners, landscapers, ecologists, notaries),
  • educational institutions (universities and colleges, high schools, Colleges, schools)
  • consular Chambers,

Join S-PASS territories, it's...

... more than using a collaborative platform, it's become a member of the community of the spassionautes!
Means learn together to better understand the territories, to cooperate and to work in a collaborative mode, to participate in the development of a memory of the territories, to create and share maps and a trace of editorial work.

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